Yoga Thè

Naturally refreshing, with all the taste and quality guaranteed from Yoga. Available in vary many flavours and sizes: can 330 ml lemon and peach, brik 200 ml lemon and peach and pet 500 ml lemon, peach, green tea, pomegranate, lemon and ginger.

500 ml PET bottle

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Practical PET twist-off bottle. Available in the classic Lemon and Peach flavours and two new tastes: Ginger&Lemon and Pomegranate, plus the always beloved Green tea

330 ml Can

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Quench your thirst in a simple and natural way with Yoga Thè in cans.

200 ml Brik Pack

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The fresh taste of Yoga Thè can be found in the handy and tasky size of the 200 ml brik pack. Available in the two different classic flavours: Lemon and Peach


Green Tea
Lemon and Ginger