Special Recipes in the 125 ml bottle

Yoga knows that health and a general feeling of well-being are now two of the most widespread aspirations among consumers, particularly in the adult target.

Yoga is therefore dedicating a new and special mini range of 3 fruit juices in a 125 ml glass bottle to this consumer bracket, with plenty of premium quality fruit and vegetables, the practical resealable twist-off cap and innovative and attractive graphics of the 6x125 ml pack:

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Each bottle contains over 200 wild blueberries, in a richer and more exclusive recipe which offers all the goodness and properties of wild blueberries.
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Each bottle contains around 2 totally Italian tomatoes, for a precious dose of lycopene.
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Each bottle contains around 1 apple, 11 grapes, half a strawberry, 13 currants, two raspberries and two blueberries; a 100% red fruit mix which is pleasant and functional, offering a healthy concentration of goodness ready to drink and enjoy.