1000 ml PET bottle – 100% fruit

Yoga presents
100% fruit drink

100% natural goodness for a new way of drinking naturally.
A “slow fruit” philosophy, where the only flavour is fruit.

The YOGA JUICES offer all the flavour of fruit, since they have a high fruit content, innovative quality, a range of products ideal for all targets (with the focus on families with children) and constant attention on a healthy and proper diet.

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Natural sweet flavour, gratifying and satisfying when you feel a bit hungry. The first 100% pear juice.

FRUIT TO DRINK, 100% intense PEACH
Smooth and velvety, the natural flavour of summer peaches, brings back memories of childhood. 75% peach and 25% grape to improve the sweetness and lower the acidity.

100% APPLE JUICE not from concentrate
The flavour of Italian apples, delicate, sweet and full-flavoured juice. Italian "Golden Delicious” pressed apples.

An intense purple colour and the flavour of red berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries), full-bodied with the typical astringency coupled with a pleasant sweetness. Added apple and red grape juice.

100% ITALIAN ORANGE from concentrate:
All the energy and refreshing sweetness of sun-ripened Sicilian oranges.

100% FRUIT – PINAPPLE flovour
Pineapple juice 50%, grape, apple, lime min. 1.5%, coconut water 5%. Pineapple, coconut and lime combine to create a tropical drink!

The invented names create a story to be told, an important memory, an attractive and interesting world.
The carefree tone is a further new element which attracts the consumer, but is also extremely clear in indicating the fruit, the nutritional value and the goodness it encompasses.

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