Limited Editions

Yoga 70th Anniversary

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A limited edition to celebrate Yoga seventieth birthday

Yoga, the core of
a long history

Yoga 70th Anniversary
In 1946, in Massalombarda, in the cradle of Italian fruit fields, Yoga was born. We celebrate 70 years of love for fruits with two limited edition: Pesca Nettarina and Pera Williams. Since the beginning of the Brand’s history , all Yoga juices have been made with the finest and carefully selected fruits and they still offer all the quality and pleasure of tradition.

Yoga Grapefruit Rosè

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Proposed in a special edition for one of the highlight events of summer 2014

With Yoga Grapefruit Rosè
the "Pink Night" is even pinker

YOGA Grapefruit Rosè fruit juice, which can also be used as a cocktail mixer, is about to flood the bars and venues of Italy's Adriatic Coast on the pink wave of the summer's most exciting event.

The Pink Night is the highlight of the summer, the summer New Year's Eve which will enliven the 110 kilometres of the Adriatic Coast of the Emilia-Romagna Region from dusk to dawn on 4 July, with a full schedule of events and initiatives, including music, entertainment, culture and food and wine events.
YOGA is turning pink and joining the party with a special fruit juice dedicated to the event.
YOGA Grapefruit Rosè – distributed from mid June exclusively in the venues along the coast, from Lidi Ferraresi to Pesaro/Urbino – is the refreshing and thirst-quenching juice already present in the product assortment, but with the addition of a totally natural colouring for the occasion and an ad hoc label with the institutional logo of the Pink Night event.

Football World Cup

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With a special edition during the Football World Cup

Yoga “becomes” tricolour

Italian right
to the last sip

The Yoga juices are “colouring” bars with the Italian flag, in the flavours: green apple, pear and blood orange, in an original 200 ml transparent glass bottle.
The labels of the 3 flavours placed alongside each other form the word ITALY.

From early June, Italian bars will be festooned with the colours of the Italian flag, thanks to the three classic flavours of YOGA fruit juices.

Yoga Naples

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Yoga Naples Football Team
you do not change a winning team

The incredible YOGA and SSC NAPLES juice initiative continues for the third year with a surprising collection of CAPS.

Available in the following flavours:
With the new series of 2012–2013 limited edition bottles, your record-breaking championship continues.

Yoga is wearing the legendary shirt of the Neapolitan team once again this year.
With the new SSC Naples bottles, your bar will look like a lively football stadium.

With the colourful bar display stand and window stickers, the hardest thing will be keeping fans away.

The new collector's caps of the 2012-2013 football season are here, with all the numbers of the champions in official formation.
That is not all. The legendary Cap Holder will have a space dedicated to the historical list of champions, bringing together the trophies which have made Naples Football Club so great.

Support for the Facebook Yoga Naples Football Club Fan Page.
A space dedicated entirely to interesting facts, latest news, photos of fans and players; a place to discover interesting information.

Yoga and Naples Football Club,
passion is back with the new pear flavour in a PET bottle

Yoga's passion for Naples Football Club, now in its third year, remains as strong as ever.

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The pear flavour in a 250 ml PET bottle to take away is following in the footsteps of the major operation under way on the 200ml glass bottle decorated with the team colours and the collector's caps dedicated to the team and the list of champions.
The new pear 250 ml PET bottle is available from May. In the practical takeaway format, the PET bottle will be distributed in bars and vending machines in Campania in 4 different versions, to celebrate the list of trophies the team has won.

The affection and enthusiasm of Neapolitans for their team, combined with the quality of Yoga juices, which have always been synonymous with fruit drinks for consumers, are the winning combination of an original initiative which, match after match, championship after championship, is thrilling fans and bars in Campania for the third consecutive season.