The unique taste of his fruit juices and his top quality driven Yoga to be leader in Italian FMCG where distribute a full gamma of products developed to fit everyone taste.


Yoga, the brand of tradition, affection and care focuses on its historical and primary target, children, with Yoga Optimum, a unique recipe (up to 70% fruit) and superior quality for a premium product, in the classic 200 ml Tetra Brik format and in 125 ml glass bottles.

Family sector

For the family: classic quality of the Yoga nectars (juice and pulp) and beverages in popular flavours (ACE and Blood Orange) intended for daily consumption in a single, one-litre transparent PET bottle.

Young people-adults format

General health and well-being are now two of the most widespread aspirations.
Yoga satisfies these desires by proposing YOGA 100%; the most delicious fruit drink to enjoy in all its natural goodness: this is the successful proposal of the YOGA 100% FRUIT JUICES, a range of products which is ideal for all targets, in which a new kind of quality highlights the intensity of good fruit and the part it plays in a healthy and proper daily diet.
A range of 6 unique flavours alongside the great 100% classics, orange and pineapple, the nectars (pear and peach) and the red fruits, proposing a new way of drinking fruit, a “slow fruit” philosophy, where the only flavour is fruit and there is no added sugar.
For anyone loving an active and dynamic lifestyle, Yoga offers Tasky, the deliciously thirst quenching juice to be enjoyed anywhere. Its contemporary packaging (lightweight, resealable and unbreakable) makes it totally practical for anyone with a dynamic and active lifestyle. A range of 4 trendy and refreshing flavours, with all the vitality of vitamins.


Yoga experience and quality has always been present in the Bar channel with a vast assortment of products: juices and nectars, fruit drinks and 100% fruit juices.
Unique and dedicated 1 litre bottle shape ideal for use in preparing quality cocktails and lot of different flavours to assure the possible choice even to the most discerning palates.


So many practical formats for the vending channel with all the quality and experience of Yoga. The vending machine channel is heavily expanding: it is a dynamic and youthful commercial market, where Yoga brand is present with its quality plus a dedicated line of take-away products. A range that’s delivers tasty fruit juices to suit all needs at any time of the day.