1948-1960: Postwar Italy, the launch of fruit juice and the arrival of Yoga

The history of Yoga starts in the postwar period, in an Italy fired with the desire to reconstruct and revive the country.
The first billboards appear in 1940 and the first Yoga logo is created in 1950. The first distribution vans and the first colour posters appear on the streets.

1960-1964: Success of the product and strengthening of the brand

The Sixties confirm the product's place in society, in terms of popularity and fame.
The Yoga brand becomes synonymous with fruit juice, supported by advertising campaigns and posters which highlight and accentuate the phenomenon by declaring that “there is only one Yoga”.

1964-1980: The era of Carousel and the first colour TV adverts

In the mid-60s, a new means of communication enters Italian homes: the TV program called Carousel, with its impact in terms of novelty and popularity, cannot fail but to be the perfect showcase to reconfirm the uniqueness of Yoga.

This is the moment when Walter Chiari (1964) associates his image with the fruit juice, followed by a smiling barman who proudly declares that Yoga is always present in his bar and that he cannot do without it (1969).

In the mid-70s, Yoga appears on television with the first colour adverts, declaring its loyalty to fruit and reaffirming its healthiness.

1980-1990: Crisis, product diversification and differentiation

These years are marked by a heavy period of crisis, with the entry of fierce competitors (Zuegg and Del Monte) who reduce the presence of Yoga in the food channel.
At the end of the 1980s, the brand proposes service innovations for its juices, such as the new packaging in 200 ml brick packs, the launch of the jams, Yotea (fruit-based iced tea) and Coffry (caffeine-free iced coffee).

1990-1999: Sports sponsorship and service innovation

In the 1990s, there is a new attempt to give the brand a dynamic image, consisting not only of communication and advertising initiatives focused on the brand, but also the service linked with the product.

It is the start of the decade when Yoga links its name to the Italian national ski team, in an attempt to revive the vigour and culture of physical healthiness and reaffirm the identity with which it was created and with which it has grown up.

YOGA Tasky - Arancia Rossa Yoga also associated new services with this, launching the Cheerpack (resealable single-portion packet), in order to develop consumption of fruit juice and make it more practical during leisure time or sporting activities.

1999-2008: Yoga reinvents fruit

The start of the new millennium reaffirms the brand's status through the launch of new and important products:

  • Optimum Yoga
    Arrival of the Linea Optimum “la frutta da bere” (the fruit you drink) range (750 ml glass bottle, 200 ml brick pack and 125 ml glass bottle) which, with its high fruit content (up to 70%), positions the brand in the high-quality bracket;

  • Cheerpack Yoga Kids
    Cheerpack Yoga Kids, which extends the Yoga product range for children;

  • plastic bottle 1000 ml
    1000 ml plastic bottle, the new format on the fruit juice market;

In 2007, Yoga enters the early infancy sector with the 90% fruit nectar. Yoga Primo Nettare is elected product of the year 2007 in the “Best New Children’s Drink” category, as part of the annual “Beverage Innovation Award”.

Yoga AQ, 750 ml plastic bottle and 200 ml glass bottle
2008 sees the market launch of the new Yoga AQ beverage, a mix of fruits and extracts of powerful antioxidants.

A process of growth in which Yoga confirms its contemporary and modern nature, without forgetting its roots and its tradition.